Sphinx is a statue whose body is the  lion body and human head. The great Sphinx Statue may found at Giza, Egypt.  In this statue found some clue regarding the God of SUN. The God of Sun is one of the daity which shows that the Hinduism was that time. It is also an ancient symbol of the God of Sun till yet. 

This Sphinx symbol shows that the materialization of royal power and the protector of the  Pyramid. some time and some people are narrating the story like that Sphinx and Pyramid have some connection. The face of the Sphinx is towards east direction and anyone can fell that this statue watching / protecting the Pyramid. Archeologists found tunnel inside the great Guza’s Sphinx which goes to the inside of great Giza’s 

Many mysteries story are undercover by the desert at Egypt. Many Archaeological were tried to uncover the mysteries story of Sphinx but they are unsuccessfully to do so. Till date the mysteries story are in question. The said mysteries story are still in question since so many thousand years i.e. construction, design, Arts and tunnel.


Great Giza Sphinx is commonly  known as Giza Sphinx. A huge limestone was used for construction of the great Giza Sphinx and statue of Sphinx is very attractive. The body of the Sphinx is lion and the head is like as human. This Giza Sphinx is founded at Giza Patha at Nil River, Egypt and faced towards east direction.

Length-240 Feet

Height -66 Feet

Wide- 62  Feet

According to archeologist “It is a very old statue of the Egypt because it was construction with one Limestone. The construction of the Sphinx was during the rulling period of Farao African. But some historian  accepted that Sphinx is more ancient then Farao era. The Giza’s Sphinx is considered as very old statue in the world and consider among all the ancient building / monuments. There is a controversy between the Historian and Archeologist with regard to the foundation and construction. Who and when this statue was constructed and what is the purpose of establishment of Sphinx., what is the actual name and in which name it was called. To guess all these things are very difficult on the part of Historian as well as Archeologist because there is no indication about the Sphinx.

 During the period of 1910, it was mysterious story with regard to the size on the part of Historian and Archeologist. The reason is that in the year of 1920, only head of the Sphinx was visible and other part of the body was underground by the desert.  Therefore, no one had known actual length and wide of the sphinx. If anyone see the photo of 1920 or prior to that period, one can see only the head of the sphinx. The whole body come to the public after excavated by Historian and Archeologist and present days statue is the whole body of Sphinx.

According to history books and opinion given by some historians that there are more 1300 small Sphinx statue may found at Miss my temple of Luxor, Egypt. during that era. Sphinx were religion place in name of God Sun.


The most important aspect of the Great Giza Sphinx is the age. If someone just to know about the age of Sphinx then he / she may not aware about the mysterious story. Very rare persons like Archeologist, historians and geologist known actual facts but they donot want to reveal such facts. Still some     Archeologist and geologist has revealed some facts. According to some archeologist, the age of the great Giza Sphinx’s around 3500 years back. But some geologist’s opinion have unexpected and made estinish to everybody. If anyone carefully verify the photos, may found some cutting on base level which was occurred by natural way of water flow and paint (color on the face).

The historians opinioned that since 3000 years back king Pharaoh Tuthmosis IV of the old Kingdom around 1500 B.C had restored. for that the paint has found on the face. If it is true then that the Sphinx was required to restore or repair in the year of 1500 AD, then what is the actual age of Sphinx? The area of Giza is a desert area since many thousand years back and according to scientists, during the investigation in the year of 1950, they had found some cutting place on the part of statue at base level and the said cutting was occurred due to water flow. Since last 9000 years there was no very rain. The natural way of cutting (by way of water flow) is possible  on the part of the statue  when there was heavy rain water flow. For that reason It was possible prior to the desert and may be more than 9000 years back. Till date it is in question with regard to the age.


Many researchers, Archeologist and historians opinioned on the top of the great Giza Sphinx has secreted tunnel to inside and it is also clearly visible by the satellite and that secret tunnel is closed by a Iron cover. The Archeologist and researchers do not want to make publicity. Many persons are unaware about the said secrete tunnel. The Adguard Gracy in the year of 1800 opinioned that inside of the Giza Sphinx has a hall of record may found ( one type of library). Many historical record may found  in connection to the lost civilization in the said library. Adguard made indication in connection like war, rebirth and future occurrences.   

 In the year 1998, Zahi Hawass, Director of  Supreme Council of Antiquities was excavated near the Giza Sphinx to search the hall of record. But there was no library but found many tunnel inside Sphinx. for the  to There are many sketch map with regard to the secrete chamber.

Harvard University Professor Jorge Endru Resner,  in the year 1940, had made a map drawing to show the tunnel and chamber which has inside Sphinx and he made a statement that in the said statue may have big halls which was not found by nay one.

Statement made by Professor Jorge Endru Resner:-

1.   Inside Sphinx has big halls

2.   In the said statue has sun temple.

3.   One big civilization has undergrounded at Egypt.

There has no new information in connection to the Sphinx after that statement. Supreme Council of Antiquities also has not shared any information what they had found and collected. This information is still on seal cover. Many scholars have raised the question that what had inside sphinx and why Supreme Council of Antiquities has not share the said information, is there any precious materials as well as books like that.

Finally the Great Giza’s Sphinx is still mysterious for everyone. In future time that mysterious story may disclosed. But after inspection of all records and information collected from books it made conclusion that  who was constructed the Sphinx on that days may had well cultured.

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